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Mavo Jobs

MAVO Jobs Give You a Leg Up into the Medical Assistance World

The mobility assistance vehicle operator, or MAVO, is a great entry-point for people who have never worked in the emergency response field to get started. By working in MAVO jobs, you can build up time, experience and training on your resume that can open the door to further growth, such as work as an EMT or a paramedic. The MAVO plays a key role in helping non-emergency clients and patients secure transport from one location to the next. Because you are operating a specialized vehicle for a health function purpose, the experience and time built can translate to other medical jobs as mentioned above. If you want to find out more and learn how to put your best foot forward, contact Metro Ambulance LLC. We provide MAVO services for patients and clients all over Hackensack, New Jersey, ensuring non-emergency medical transport has a solid foundation for the community and those in need who cannot transport themselves. Not only will you be helping your community, you’ll also be expanding your career options.


  There is No Shortage of MAVT Jobs to Fill


The growing senior population in our country has produced an exponential need for medical transport across every community and region and state. As a result, the health industry in general is seeing a high demand for more trained transport drivers who know exactly how to handle medical transportation for patients in non-emergency travel situations. This includes helping people to and from homes, hospitals, medical facilities, therapy, dialysis and ongoing treatment appointments and even schools. Not anyone can show up as a driver; ridesharing isn’t allowed as a provider for medical transport which requires specific licensing. As a result, the demand has increased, but not necessarily the number of trained and certified drivers. Now is your opportunity at MAVT jobs, receive great training and a starting career path and be part of the greater good for your neighbors and community. Contact Metro Ambulance LLC to find out more today.

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